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Minister Vulin: Aleksandar Vučić is the President of all Serbs

- It is a great honour to be here today, in a place rightfully called the Square of the Republic of Serbia. Not because Serbia donated a million euros for this to be built and completed, but because Serbs are standing on the Square of the Republic of Serbia – emphasized the Envoy of the President of the Republic of Serbia and Supreme Commander of the Serbian Armed Forces Aleksandar Vučić, Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin at the opening of the newly built Square of the Republic of Serbia in East New Sarajevo.
According to him, from 2014, when Aleksandar Vučić became the Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia until today, “no Serb and no village, no matter how far it is from our only and beloved motherland Serbia, have been too far from our Serbia”.

- From that moment until now, the Republic of Serbia has set aside close to 74 million euros to help Serbs, so that they can see that Serbia cares, thinks, wants, concerns itself with how they live and how they grow and prosper, and for our beloved Republika Srpska, Serbia allocated 62 million euros. Because no Serbian village and no Serb, wherever they live and wherever they were born, is far from our Serbia and the President of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić. He is no longer just the President of the Republic of Serbia. He is the President of all Serbs - Minister Vulin pointed out.
As he emphasized, due to the will of the great powers, bad luck, wrong assessments, mistakes and cowardice of our former leaders, we do not live together today.
- They forced us to live in different countries and not to have only one border. But it is up to us to decide right now that Serbs should become a single political nation that decides on all the most important issues, the most important national issues related to its existence together and in one place - Belgrade. We do not have anyone who would love us more, who would care more about us, who would take care of us more, who would solve our problems, who would look forward to us more than our mother Serbia - said the Minister of Defence and added that in a place "where there are no Serbian professors, teachers, judges and policemen, there is no happiness or justice for Serbs".

- We are accustomed to looking at each other, relying on each other, thinking about each other. We are used to the fact that no one is too far away, that no one is forgotten, that we are a single political nation that will think the same way about the most important issues of our national being and existence and that will negotiate and discuss these things. The vanity of small people in high positions is the only thing that can disrupt our unity and harmony and that can make us divided and small again. Well, there is no room for that and we must learn, Serbian brothers, once and for all, that we should not trust foreigners when they give us a pat on the shoulder and when they say that we are only good when we betray our people and when we speak ill of our people. We don't trust them, let's trust each other and trust ourselves. Let's trust each other even when we do not think the same and when we get angry with each other, but no one can love us more than we love ourselves - said Minister Vulin. Addressing the citizens of East New Sarajevo, he emphasized that every time they cross the Square they should think and know that Serbia is there for them, Serbia that loves them, thinks of them and cares about them.
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Minister Vulin's address
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Inauguration of the Square of the Republic of Serbia