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Minister Vulin: Members of 72nd Special Operations Brigade are pride of Serbian Armed Forces

Members of the 72nd Operations Brigade are the pride of the Serbian Armed Forces, and their know-how and motivation serve as an example to all members of the armed forces, but also to all citizens of Serbia, said the Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin after today’s visit to the members of that brigade in the “Rastko Nemanjić“ barracks in Pančevo.

- They are equipped with the most modern equipment. They are trained, and above all, they love their country and their profession. By order of the Supreme Commander of the Serbian Armed Forces Aleksandar Vučić, dated 18 December 2019, they became a brigade. Actually, they just returned to the place where they have always belonged, to a higher rank, among the best, because they are the best – said Minister Vulin.
Serbia will continue to invest in the development of the 72nd Special Operations Brigade because the way they are repaying that to Serbia is worth investing in it, emphasizes the Minister of Defence and adds that with the members of that brigade, our country is safe and peaceful.

During today’s visit, members of the 72nd Special Operations Brigade showed elements of physical training like running the obstacle course and overcoming infantry obstacles, kickboxing, real aikido, as well as segments of climbing, firearms and tactical training. Also, there was a presentation of some of the weapons and military equipment used by the members of that brigade for the execution of tasks.
A member of the Special Operations Battalion “Sokolovi” (Falcons) explains that several segments of scenario-based training were shown in the shooting range.

- You could see how the team members use weapons to eliminate terrorists in an urban area, by breaking into buildings. The goal was to break into a room at the same time, eliminate terrorists, and leave the hostages unharmed. In the second segment, you could see how the members of the battalion use the shelters on the battlefield, how they change positions and support each other in carrying out fire missions. Also, one of the scenarios of the training was the attack on a protected person.
According to one of the members of the Special Operations Battalion “Griffons”, tactical training and tactical drills are carried out daily in that battalion.
- Today's segment of tactical training included an anti-terrorist fight in a rural area. This is a necessary and an important part of training of newly admitted members, conditioning of old members and harmonization of all team members so that they can act in unison when performing tasks.
At the end of the visit, as a sign of appreciation for the trust, support and assistance given during the past years, the Commander of the 72nd Special Operations Brigade, Brigadier General Miroslav Talijan, presented Minister Vulin with the insignia of all the Brigade’s units and a photo album with photographs of the Brigade’s events attended by the Minister of Defence.
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The statement of a member of the 72nd Special Operations Brigade
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