Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Minister Vulin to Krivokapić: The nonsense of the former regime should not be your policy

- I am glad that a new government will be formed in Montenegro and I would like to tell them not to use Serbia to justify all kinds of nonsense. Don’t talk nonsense like Mr Krivokapić who says that Milo Đukanović and Aleksandar Vučić have some shared business dealings. Be careful about what you say – said the Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin today in the Morning Programme on “Pink” Television, and emphasized that Montenegro is a brotherly country and that we want to have good relations with it.

Commenting on the statements that Serbia interfered in elections in Montenegro, Minister Vulin said that “if Vučić had interfered in those elections, the victory would have been more convincing”.   

- Montenegro should be aware that Serbia is there and that it should have the best possible relations with it. As for Aleksandar Vučić, he will do everything to make Montenegro successful, but you don't have to listen to the nonsense of the former regime and make it your policy. Mr Krivokapić, don't talk about Aleksandar Vučić having business deals with Milo Đukanović. We listened to that until yesterday, and we also listened to him talk about overthrowing Đukanović. Think about what the citizens told you at the clerical protests, find me one protester who thinks that you should not have brotherly relations or even be unified with Serbia. We are not asking for unification, we are there, we just do not want a hostile government - said Minister Vulin.