Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Minister Vulin: I do not expect to be in the new government

When it comes to forming a new government, the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić is under a great pressure from both his party and coalition partners, said the Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin in the Morning Programme on “Pink” TV.

 - Aleksandar Vučić is under great pressure. He is struggling to form a new government. There are a lot of appetites. There are many people who want to get more than they deserve. The Movement of Socialists is not seeking a ministerial position. I, Aleksandar Vulin, am not asking to be a minister in the Government. I will be satisfied if this policy continues. If the staff needs to change, if the people expect changes, and they do, let them start with me. These are new times and there is a new policy. There are no people for all time. I cannot defend a policy in every government. That should not be done. Just be brave. Stick to President Vučić. I trust him completely and I know that Serbia trusts him, that the nation trusts him - said Minister Vulin, adding that he is grateful for the President’s trust so far and the battle they fought together.
- Thanks to the trust of President Vučić, I fought for Kosovo, I drafted Labour Law, I protected Serbia against migrant crisis, and I was the Minister of Defence. Thanks to his trust, I became the Minister of Defence, and that is the highest degree of trust you can get in politics. After that, I do not have to be anything. I don't have to deal with politics ever again – the Minister of Defence points out and adds that he is an accomplished man and that the Movement of Socialists, which has three MPs, will continue to be a part of the ruling coalition, that they will always vote for what President Vučić proposes because they trully believe in his policy, whether or not he is a government minister.