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Minister Vulin: We are equipping the armed forces with the most modern communication equipment

- Information transfer and the speed of commanding is something that can change the situation on the battlefield. The Signal Brigade is one of the key components of our armed forces and the people who are here have a considerable war and life experience that our armed forces greatly benefit from. In the most difficult moments for our country, during the NATO aggression, the command and communication systems were never interrupted and these people were never thrown off the track - said the Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin, who visited the facilities of the Signal Brigade in the Raška garrison today.
The Minister of Defence pointed out that it was like that during the war, and it is the same now.

- We try to equip our armed forces with the most modern communication equipment such as "Thales" and everything else that the world market has to offer. We have tried to provide and buy all of that, but we pay special attention to the modernization and use of foreign systems and their integration into our system thanks to domestic intelligence and knowledge - Minister Vulin pointed out.
  Serbian Armed Forces, Minister Vulin added, take care of all their segments because every segment deserves equal attention and respect.

Commander of the Signal Brigade’s First Signal Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Miloš Kolundžić, pointed out that during today’s visit, the Minister of Defence had the opportunity to see the purpose, tasks, organization of work and the use of stationary telecommunication and information hubs.

- On that occasion, taking into consideration the location, the Minister of Defence was able to see the challenges that the crew that spends time and works in these conditions is facing. Of course, what stands out and what is important to emphasize is that the entire group of men who work here in all weather conditions perform their tasks and obligations 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, seven days a week - Lieutenant Colonel Kolundžić emphasized.
Head of the Telecommunications and IT Department, Brigadier General Ljubiša Đolović and the Commander of the Signal Brigade, Colonel Zoran Dragićević also visited the Signal Brigade’s facilities.
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