Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

The Day of Serbian Uprising in World War II marked

The delegation of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces laid a wreath today at the monument to Žikica Jovanović-Španac, at the military complex in Bela Crkva near Krupanj, to mark 7th July, the Day of Serbian Uprising in World War II.
Wreaths were laid by the State Secretary in the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs, Zoran Antić, who led the official ceremony to mark the Day of Serbian Uprising in World War II, representatives of the Municipality of Krupanj, the Association of Veterans of the National Liberation War of Yugoslavia (SUBNOR), associations and citizens.

The Serbian Uprising Day was a state holiday in the Socialist Republic of Serbia. It marked the anniversary of the armed action carried out by Rađevina Company of the Valjevo Partisan Detachment on 7th July 1941 in Bela Crkva near Krupanj.  
Since 2013, it has been marked under The State Program for Commemorating the Anniversaries of Historic Events of the Serbian Liberation Wars.