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Opening of Exhibition of Photographs “Serbian Armed Forces – the Best when it is the Hardest”

An exhibition of photographs made by photo reporter of Media Centre “Odbrana” – “Serbian Armed Forces – the best when it is the Hardest” was opened in the Small Gallery of the Central Military Club in Belgrade. The exhibition depicts the engagement of members of the Serbian Armed Forces during the emergency situation and corona virus pandemic.
In the course of almost two months, from 15th March to 7th May, upon the order of President of the Republic of Serbia and Supreme Commander Aleksandar Vučić, the institution which enjoys the greatest confidence of the people, executed a range of complex and responsible tasks imposed by the new reality. More than 1,500 men in the uniform of the Serbian Armed Forces were employed every day on the tasks of providing medical and physical security, disinfection, logistics… Vast number of brave and immensely motivated men started an uncompromising battle against an invisible and, as time went by, ever so insidious enemy.
Opening the exhibition of photographs, Director of Media Centre “Odbrana” Lieutenant Colonel Biljana Pašić pointed out that the members of the Serbian Armed Forces, with their selfless and unwavering engagement during the pandemic, had once again proven that they rightfully enjoyed the great confidence of the people.
- During the emergency situation, in a very short time, the armed forces equipped provisional hospitals and enabled the citizens to use their medical capacities, and in a record time, they established one of the best COVID hospitals in Karaburma, and the military secured medical establishments, assisted in securing state border and establishments of social protection for accommodation of elder population, took care of security of migrant camps… Simultaneously with those activities, they did not neglect their regular tasks of advancement of training and operational capabilities of the units. We are proud of having been a part of all those activities and of the photo reporters who for the nth time showed their exceptional professionalism in performance of their working tasks – Lieutenant Colonel Biljana Pašić underlined.
  The photo reporters of “Odbrana” were continuously among those brave men, recording with their video cameras and camera lenses everything that they did fighting the remorseless disease. They were in Covid hospitals in Belgrade, Niš, Novi Sad, Kruševac, at town squares and streets with members of CBRN units who autonomously or with their Russian colleagues, disinfected public areas and facilities in 37 towns of Serbia. They were at training areas of the Serbian Armed Forces, where, besides ever more increasing emergency activities, regular activities were continued. Training and advancement of operational capabilities of the units was not interrupted even during the hardest battle against the virus.
The pandemic did not stop the life and work of members of the armed forces, but it did increase their resolve to persevere in the resolute fight against the infection and thus, once again, show that they are ready and competent to efficiently respond to any challenge to security of the state and people to whom they belong.
That was recorded on each photograph of this unique exhibition, on every single photographed soldier, non-commissioned officer and officer, whose faces were almost equally resolute and unfaltering, wherever they were recorded.
The exhibition “Serbian Armed Forces – the best when it is the hardest” is going to be open in the Small Gallery of the Central Military Club in Belgrade until 4th July.    
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The exhibition