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Minister Vulin: "Zastava TERVO" donated to the military a new ambulance vehicle that was built in 15 days

The Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin attended today the signing of the donation contract and the handover of an ambulance vehicle, which was donated by the “Zastava TERVO” company from Kragujevac to the military healthcare for the purpose of engaging members of the medical service during the state of emergency.
The donation contract was signed by Brigadier General Uglješa Jovičić, MD, Head of the Military Healthcare Department and Zoran Adžić, the director of the “Zastava TERVO” company.

After the handover and the visit to the prototype workshop, Minister Vulin emphasized that in these difficult times it is evident how valuable and important the decision of President Vučić was to preserve, help and strengthen the Serbian Defence Industry.

- Thanks to our own defence industry, our own wit and capacities, we were able to quickly refocus on the program needed by the citizens of Serbia and the Serbian Armed Forces in the fight against the pandemic - Minister Vulin emphasized.

According to him, "Prva iskra" from Barič carried out disinfection work, "Milan Blagojević" from Lučani donated alcohol, "Jumko" and "Trajal" provided protective suits and masks, and the newest member of the Serbian Defence Industry, "Zastava TERVO", donated a brand new ambulance, our own local product.

- This really means a lot to the military. This vehicle is necessary to the medical service, the military and the citizens of Serbia, but perhaps more than anything it is a proof that there is solidarity, that there is our industry that is able to quickly meet all market needs and it creates the feeling that the whole society is working towards a single goal,” said Minister Vulin.

Minister Vulin added that the employees of “Zastava TERVO”, the management and engineers showed that they were able to do in 15 days what would take months in less turbulent times.

- I thank them for that and I hope we will be a good example, and when all this is over, I hope we can work quickly and meet high standards - Minister Vulin concluded.

Assistant Minister for Material Resources, Nenad Miloradović, PhD emphasized that in accordance with the measures of the Government of Serbia, all enterprises, in accordance with their technological capabilities, should urgently reorient themselves and contribute to the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

He pointed out that the defence industry companies made a significant contribution to the fight against the coronavirus and that “Zastava TERVO”, as the newest and smallest company in the defence industry, was able to produce an ambulance vehicle with its capacities in a short time.

- They are also starting the production of a small series of ambulance vehicles for the needs of the Serbian Armed Forces - Assistant Minister Miloradović emphasized.
Expressing his gratitude to the "Zastava TERVO" Factory, Head of the Military Healthcare Department, General Jovičić emphasized that it was a very valuable donation, pointing out that when it comes to the medical program, cooperation with that factory is yet to come.

- Good and timely medical assistance cannot be achieved without good and fast medical transportation. Thanks to the support and assistance of Minister Vulin, we have procured six ambulances, which our colleagues from “Zastava TERVO” have acknowledged and have made a very valuable donation at this point - General Jovičić said, adding that the vehicle is equipped with a portable respirator, a defibrillator and everything else that is needed for a fast and safe transport.

The director of the "Zastava TERVO" Company, Zoran Adžić, pointed out that, given the situation our country is in, and using the components that they had, they were able to build one vehicle in a very short time for the needs of the medical service. He said that they are planning to put together another vehicle, which they would put at the disposal of the military medical service in a short time.

The “Zastava TERVO” Company from Kragujevac managed to complete an ambulance based on the "Ivek" platform (TURBO RIVAL 35.12) in a record time, which was donated to the military healthcare for the purpose of engaging members of the medical service during the state of emergency.

This ambulance is fully equipped in accordance with applicable standards in the field of medical transportation. The medical team will be able to work seamlessly with softened leaf springs, and the interior of the patient area is lined with polyester lining and is thermally insulated.
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Minister Vulin’s statement
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The statement of Assistant Minister Nenad Miloradović, PhD
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The statement of Brigadier General Uglješa Jovičić, MD
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The statement of the Director of "Zastava TERVO", Zoran Adžić
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Signing the donation contract