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The “Čair” Hall meets all the requirements for accommodating patients

As ordered by the Protector of Citizens, Zoran Pašalić, Vladimir Milošević, the Head of the Emergency Management Department in the expert service of the Protector of Citizens checked the conditions in the temporary hospital in the “Čair” Hall in Niš today, to make sure that the facility meets all the necessary requirements for the accommodation of patients with mild symptoms of coronavirus infection.

- Today we visited the ”Čair” Hall in accordance with the announcement of the Protector of Citizens that during the state of emergency we will visit the places where the citizens of the Republic of Serbia are quarantined for medical supervision or treatment. After the visit, it was determined that the medical service and the rooms where the patients are accommodated fulfil all the necessary requirements for accommodating patients and equipping such hospitals in accordance with the laws and regulations prescribing appropriate conditions. We are pleased with what we have seen and believe that the military and health care professionals have done a good job, Milošević said.

As he pointed out, the facility can receive 256 patients and currently accommodates 230 of them with confirmed coronavirus infection. Milošević added that it is expected that the facility will be filled to capacity today and after that it is planned to establish new temporary hospitals for new patients in other locations.

Members of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces secure the “Čair” Hall, disinfect the facilities and areas around the Hall and provide medical support.
Video: The statement of Vladimir Milošević
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The statement of Vladimir Milošević