Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

"Milan Blagojević" Company from Lučani helps fight coronavirus

The "Milan Blagojević -Namenska" Lučani Company donated to the Ministry of Defence 55,000 litres of alcohol, which is a deficient component in the production of disinfectants needed to fight Covid-19.

The donation of the "Milan Blagojević - Namenska" Company is intended for the needs of the Russian teams that disinfect the premises and medical facilities in Serbia in order to fight the coronavirus infection.

A tank truck with 25,000 litres of 95.38 per cent alcohol was sent to the “Prva iskra” Barič Factory today for further processing. The first tank of 30,000 litres of alcohol was sent to Barič on 23rd March.

This is not the only contribution of the "Milan Blagojević - Namenska" Lučani Company. In the fight for the health and lives of people in Serbia against coronavirus, the company paid 10 million dinars from its own funds to the Fund for the fight against Covid-19.