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Donations to temporary hospitals in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Niš

Donations from DIS Company, which donated five million dinars in food and hygiene products, and the “Soccer betting” shop, which donated 136 LCD TV sets to temporary hospitals at the Belgrade and Novi Sad Fairs were delivered today in front of Hall 1 of the Belgrade Fair and Čair Hall in Niš.

The donations were presented by the representatives of these companies to the Head of the Military Healthcare Department, Brigadier General Uglješa Jovičić, M.D, who expressed his gratitude for their consideration of healthcare professionals and patients, adding that these donations will help them pass the time of treatment more easily.

In the past days, companies, businesses and institutions, each in their own domain, have shown interest in helping people accommodated in temporary hospitals to spend prescribed quarantine time in the best possible conditions providing them with cultural goods.

The commander of the Fair temporary accommodation centre, Colonel Radivoje Anđelković thanked DIS Company and the “Soccer” betting shop for the donations, expressing his gratitude to the other companies for their donations as well.

- While we were establishing this Centre, we received great assistance from the Crisis Management Team, the Belgrade Fair, the City of Belgrade Emergency Management Headquarters and other state bodies. The temporary hospital at the Belgrade Fair was set up to accommodate the patients with mild symptoms of coronavirus. The Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces are responsible for securing the facility and the provision of  basic needs regarding accommodation and personal hygiene, while food is provided by the “Studentski grad“ institution, and medical care is provided by the Ministry of Health. In addition, the Serbian Armed Forces perform disinfection of surfaces at the Fair. The conditions we provide are the best possible conditions in these circumstances - said Colonel Anđelković.

The CEO of DIS Company, Ivan Šuleić pointed out that the company, as the largest local supermarket chain, decided to make this donation as part of a program to support the Government of the Republic of Serbia and our healthcare in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic.

 - These great challenges our society is facing today can be overcome if each individual acts responsibly, if we are humane, if we show solidarity and if our entire system is united - emphasized Šuleić.

Vladimir Đekić, Purchasing Manager of the “Soccer” betting shop, said that the goal of the company is to help the sick as much as they can during these difficult times.

"The TV sets we have donated will make their stay here as enjoyable as possible," Đekic said.

Media Centre “Odbrana“ of the Ministry of Defence’s Public Relations Department joined this activity by donating 100 books they have published and dozens of copies of "Odbrana" magazine.

In addition to 750 books, "Večernje Novosti" news agency has provided 100 copies of daily newspapers which will be delivered daily to temporary hospitals in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Niš. Daily newspapers are also donated by "Politika", "Alo", "Kurir", "Informer", "Srpski telegraf", "Ekspres" weekly media companies, and the number of delivered copies will be increased as needed. "Mlekara Šabac" dairy has announced its intention to donate 10,000 cotton masks.

The Belgrade City Library has donated 300 titles, and the “Adligat Book Museum“ Association has donated 1,500 books to the temporary hospital at the Belgrade Fair, as well as 1,000 books for persons accommodated at the Novi Sad Fair and the Čair Hall in Niš.

The “Maći“ Company has donated two coffee machines with unlimited free hot drinks for medical staff and members of the Serbian Armed Forces, and “3M“ Company has donated 50 mobile phone chargers for medical staff. The public utility company “Zelenilo” Belgrade has donated thuja seedlings, which have enriched the space around Hall 1 of the Belgrade Fair.

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The statement of Colonel Radivoje Anđelković
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The statement of CEO of DIS company, Ivan Šuleić
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The statement of the representative of "Soccer" Company, Vladimir Đekić
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