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Minister Vulin: The Serbian Armed Forces have adjusted Letenka resort to the needs of the current crisis

The Minister of Defence Aleksanar Vulin today visited the Letenka Reception Centre on Fruška Gora, which is intended to accommodate our citizens coming from abroad and where they will be able to spend the prescribed quarantine period.

The Serbian Armed Forces will provide health care, accommodation and food and control the entry into and exit from the Letenka Reception Centre which can accommodate 224 people.

After visiting Letenka, Minister Vulin emphasized that the Serbian Armed Forces, in cooperation with the Provincial Government and its President, Igor Mirović, have put great efforts into adjusting this resort to the needs of the current crisis and the fight against the coronavirus in a very short time.

- All the people coming from outside our country will be able to spend a certain quarantine period here and during that period we will take care of their condition, check whether they are infected in any way and provide them with first aid. This facility provides 24-hour medical care, adequate accommodation, three meals a day, and all that is needed to allow the process of diagnosis and treatment to run smoothly - stressed Minister Vulin.

Serbian Armed Forces are always at the service of all its citizens, Minister Vulin pointed out, and in these difficult times they show how important it is for a country to have armed forces that are good, organized, equipped and great in number.

 - The Serbian Armed Forces carry out all the orders of their Supreme Commander and the Crisis Staff of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, and accordingly, they take on all the responsibility in these difficult times and in a state of emergency - Minister Vulin concluded.

The President of the Provincial Government, Igor Mirović, said that the Provincial Government, together with the Ministry of Defence, was able to adapt Letenka, a pavilion-type facility, in a very short time to accommodate the persons referred there on the basis of a sanitary inspection order.

- The Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces, with our partial assistance, have adapted this facility in a very short time, thus showing that we are able to do this task together,  following the guidelines we receive from the Crisis Staff of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the President of the Republic, in a short time - said Mirović, adding that in the coming period there would be more requests for joint ventures, and Letenka, as he announced, will be ready to receive persons tomorrow.

The Commander of the Centre, Major Branislav Bojanić, pointed out that, based on the superior command’s orders, the units of the First Brigade took all measures to prepare and transform the recreational and sports centre Letenka into a centre for the reception of our citizens coming from abroad.
- The units of the First Brigade, in cooperation with other state authorities, prepared this facility using all available resources and made available accommodation, nutrition and all-day medical assistance - emphasized Major Bojanić, adding that the unit deployed at the Centre was ready to perform other tasks as well, in accordance with the orders of the superior command.

The Commander of the First Brigade of the Serbian Armed Forces, Brigadier General Zoran Nasković and the Provincial Secretary for Healthcare Zoran Gojković also visited the Centre today.

 Based on the decision to introduce a state of emergency throughout the territory of Serbia, the Serbian Armed Forces have been further engaged and, taking new measures, the Serbian Armed Forces have put under control all border crossings, they secure and monitor all reception and asylum centres and secure all hospitals.
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