Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Reception Centre in Subotica satisfies all the requirements for accommodating people

Regarding the inaccurate and malicious allegations made by certain media about the living conditions in the Reception Centre in Subotica, the Ministry of Defence informs the public that the Serbian Armed Forces have provided all the necessary conditions for the reception and accommodation of persons coming from abroad with suspected coronavirus infection. The Protector of Citizens, Zoran Pašalić personally inspected the Centre in Subotica on 22nd March and stated that the Centre met all the requirements for the accommodation of persons in accordance with the regulations.

The Serbian Armed Forces provided accommodation in masonry structures and containers which are gas-heated, with installed showers, hot water, and all other conditions for maintaining personal hygiene. In recent years, the Centre has been used to accommodate migrants and as such it has often been inspected by a number of international organizations, without a single remark. Before the arrival of our citizens at the campsite, toilets, linens and beds were thoroughly sterilized, which will also be done after they leave the premises.  A team of military doctors is constantly on duty at the facility, three meals are provided and the Serbian Armed Forces are securing the facility controlling the entry into and exit from the facility. This reception centre can accommodate up to 100 people, which has never been the case before.

We urge the citizens who are sent to reception centres to respect the capabilities of their country and the instructions of the competent state authorities, to be patient and disciplined, as this will best protect their health and the health of others.

In a state of emergency and the coronavirus epidemic, it is not realistic to expect reception centres to have hotel facilities. It is not too much to expect from our citizens arriving from all over the world to show some responsibility and solidarity with their Serbia in these difficult times.