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The Protector of citizens Pašalić at the Reception Centre in Subotica: Everything needed for the accommodation of people has been provided

The reception centre in Subotica, where the Serbian Armed Forces have established entry and exit controls and provided accommodation, food and medical protection for our citizens returning from abroad, was visited today by the Protector of Citizens Zoran Pašalić.

After the visit, Pašalić emphasized that he was satisfied with what he had seen, that all the requirements were met, in accordance with the regulations, that the rooms werewarm, that gas heatingwas installedand that up to 100 persons could be accommodated in this reception centre.

The Protector of Citizens pointed out that today he was able to visit and inspect in detail the newly opened quarantine in Subotica.

- This quarantine has been renovated in 24 hours, that is, everything needed to accommodate persons coming from abroad who are suspected of being infected with this virus, has been arranged. What we saw in a thorough inspection of the premises is that everything that is needed for the accommodation of persons has been provided - Pašalić emphasized.

According to him, the emergency services for the protection of citizens are working in the field 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

- I urge all the citizens of the Republic of Serbia to contact us; our telephone lines are constantly open. I also want to use this opportunity to tell all the citizens of the Republic of Serbia to comply with the instructions and decisions. They should primarily comply with the regulations, and then the decisions and instructions of the Government of the Republic of Serbia. Same as my colleagues, I am in constant contact with ombudsmen of other countries in Europe and I can responsibly claim that the purpose of themeasures taken in our country is to prevent the tragedies that occurred in other countries, of which the public is informed - said the Protector of Citizens, Zoran Pašalić.

Major Adam Horvat, the Deputy Commander of the 17th Mechanized Battalion in BačkaTopola, stated that, following the orders, all measures had been taken to refurbish the premises at the Reception Centre in Subotica and to establish a reception centre for our citizens returning from abroad.

- All the necessary conditions have been created for the centre to function without any problems. All persons accommodated here will have medical care and food, which will be taken care of by the Serbian Armed Forces - Major Horvatstressed, adding that teams were formed to ensure the functioning of the centre.

Due to the worsening weather conditions and a sudden temperature drop, the Serbian Armed Forces have established this reception centre in Subotica which will accommodate our nationals who do not have a registered address, i.e. a registered residence in our territory, or those who pose a medical or sanitary threat based on the estimate of competent doctors at the border.
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