Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Donation from the Kingdom of Norway to the Military Health Department

Head of the Military Health Department, Brigadier General Uglješa Jovičić, and Norwegian ambassador in Belgrade Jørn Gjelstad have seen today medical equipment donated by the Kingdom of Norway to the Military Health Department.
Speaking about bilateral cooperation and diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Norway, General Jovičić emphasized that Norway is an important partner in the enhancement of military health service.
- One of the most valuable gifts of the Kingdom of Norway to military health service is the donation of the deployable medical facility in 2007. It has been used many times so far, not only for the training and advancement of the military medical personnel, but also for the conduct of military medical exercises, General Jovičić said, emphasising that the donation includes modern medical devices necessary for the treatment and monitoring of patients.
As ambassador Jørn Gjelstad pointed out, military medical cooperation with Serbia dates back to 2004, and the roots of the cooperation date back to World War I. He stressed that Serbia has the best military health care service and is the leader in the region, adding that the deployable medical facility has a special role within the Balkan Medical Task Force.
A protocol on donation between the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia and the Ministry of Defence of the Kingdom of Norway relating to the replenishing of the deployable medical facility of the second level of medical support and the additional equipping of the facility with medical equipment, in the amount of approximately EUR 100,000, was signed in December 2018. The donation includes five infusion pumps, five perfusion pumps, six mobile respirators and a replacement of tents of the the deployable medical facility.
Colonel Miroslav Vukosavljević, head of the Military Medical Academy, Colonel Elifat Feta, commander of the Centre of the Military Medical Service of the Military Health Department, and Norwegian defence attaché Lieutenant Colonel Egil Daltveit attended the visit as well.
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