Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

110th Anniversary of Military Infectious Diseases Research Marked

The jubilee of 110 years of military infectious diseases research and the Clinic for Infectious and Tropical Diseases of the Military Medical Academy was marked today by a ceremonial gathering in the MMA amphitheatre. The meeting was attended by chief of General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces, General Milan Mojsilović, head of the Military Health Department, Brigadier General Dr Uglješa Jovičić, head of the Military Medical Academy, Colonel Dr Miroslav Vukosavljević, representatives of the University of Defence, the Military Medical Academy and numerous guests.
Head of the MMA, Colonel Dr Miroslav Vukosavljević, extending best wishes for the holiday, said that the 110th anniversary of the Clinic is marked also by other jubilees – 180 years of military healthcare and 175 years of MMA.
- Numerous generations have struggled with the experience from wars, developing, at the same time, new methods of diagnostics and medical treatment, while the personnel has constantly pursued professional development in the country and in he world – Colonel Vukosavljević said, emphasising that military infectious disease specialists encounter in their everyday practice different infections and that they are members of multidisciplinary approach in the treatment of numerous diseases, which makes the MMA recognised beyond the borders of our country.
Head of the MMA Clinic for Infectious and Tropical Diseases, Colonel Dr Dragan Mikić, pointed out that the infectious disease research has seen great progress worldwide over the last three decades.
- Creating a new profile of highly educated infectious disease specialists in sufficient numbers, who are ready to engage both in practice and science unreservedly, is always a winning combination – Colonel Mikić emphasised, indicating future orientation in the development of military infectious disease research.
The anniversary was also marked by the promotion of the book '110 Years of Military Infectious Disease Research and the MMA Clinic for Infectious and Tropical Diseases', recently published by Odbrana Media Centre. In addition to clinical work and success in medical treatment, it presents activities of teachers of the MMA Faculty of Medicine working at the Clinic, experience of infectious disease specialists engaged within the medical contingent of the Serbian Armed Forces in multinational operations, as well as biographies of 15 heads of the Department, i.e. Clinic for Infectious Diseases, ever since 1909.
The anniversary celebration continued with an expert meeting where several current topics were discussed, spoken about by Colonel Dr Dragan Mikić, Dr Vesna Begović Kuprešanin, Dr Milomir Milanović, Dr Vesna Šuljagić, Dr Viktorija Dragojević Simić and Lieutenant Dr Branko Đorđević.