Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Participation of the Ministry of Defense at the meeting of the EU – Serbia Stabilization and Association Council

As part of the delegation of the Republic of Serbia, which participated in the meeting of the EU-Serbia Parliamentary Council for Stabilization and Association, held today in Brussels, the representative of the Ministry of Defense was Colonel Slaven Vujić, Head of the Strategic Planning Department of the Defense Policy Sector was present.

Among the topics relevant to the European integration process, the meeting also included the foreign and security policies of the Republic of Serbia. Colonel Vujić introduced the new National Security Strategy of the Republic of Serbia and the new Defense Strategy of the Republic of Serbia, documents recently adopted by the Government of the Republic of Serbia and forwarded in the form of a proposal to the National Assembly for adoption.

Preservation of sovereignty and territorial integrity, military neutrality, care for the Serbian people beyond the borders of the Republic of Serbia, European integration and an effective rule of law were emphasized as basic starting points in the drafting of strategic documents. It was emphasized that the Republic of Serbia closely monitors the changes in the surroundings and adapts its security and defense policies to those changes in order to best protect and pursue its national and defense interests.

In accordance with the decision on military neutrality, what was pointed out were the commitment of the Republic of Serbia to strengthen its own defense capacities, develop the defense industry, an efficient and economically sustainable defense system, professional and efficient Armed Forces and appropriate civil-military relations as important preconditions for a democratically organized society. The readiness of the Republic of Serbia to strengthen its security, peace and stability in the region and the world through involvement in the activities of the EU Common Security and Defense Policy, NATO’s Partnership for Peace program, cooperation with the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) and other international security and defense entities was also highlighted.

It was particularly emphasized that the unlawfully and unilaterally declared independence of the territory administratively covered by the Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija was unacceptable for the Republic of Serbia, bearing in mind that this threatens the national values and interests of our country.
Colonel Vujić said that the process of drafting strategic documents was influenced by numerous factors, out of which he particularly stressed the efforts of the state leadership to strengthen and reinforce Belgrade’s position in resolving the complex situation in Kosovo and Metohija, efforts aimed at economic development and the overall prosperity of our country and its citizens, as well as efforts invested in negotiations about the EU accession.

The Military Mission of the Republic of Serbia to NATO provided significant support to the participation of representatives of the Ministry of Defense at today’s meeting in Brussels.