Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Minister Vulin: Now you see what would have happened if Serbs had not listened to Vučić

“It’s fortunate that the Serbs did listen to Aleksandar Vučić and were unanimous. From the statements of Albin Kurti you can now see what would have happened if the Serbs had not listened to Aleksandar Vučić – to be unanimous and united. Imagine having even one private Serb at the Pristina Parliament, that one would have been justification for everything and Minister in the government. If there was just one private Serb for whom the Serbs did not vote, but whom Shiptar votes managed to bring into the parliament, in line with Komšić’s model, that one would now be justification for everything, and the entire international community would say that was the expression of the legitimate will and also that “you must respect his rights, you must respect the right of self-determination to choose who his partners are on the Serbian side.” Fortunately, the Serbs did listen to Aleksandar Vučić, they were unanimous and now this lie about the presence of democracy in Pristina and even abiding by what they call the Constitution, has now been demystified, Minister of Defense Aleksandar Vulin said when asked to comment on Albin Kurti’s statement that he would not negotiate with the Serbian List, but only with the parties that recognize the so-called Kosovo.

The Minister of Defense added that Albin Kurti wanted private Serbs “just as private Serbs wanted to enter the Parliament.”

- Now that they have not entered the Parliament they would find them from somewhere just as long as it is not from the Serb list and not the Serbs who know that Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija cannot exist if they are not in the union and if they are not in the best possible relationship with their Belgrade. No one else – with their Belgrade. Of course they listen to their Belgrade and the Serbian government. Of course they make all important political decisions in agreement with the Government of Serbia and the rest of the Serbian people, just as President Vučić does everything considering how that decision would affect all the Serbian people, wherever they may live. Thus, the Serb List must be viewed as a legitimate element of the political will of the Serbs wherever they may live. Had the Serbs listened to someone other than Aleksandar Vučić, we would have private Serbs today, who would have confirmed every decision against the Republic of Serbia, Belgrade and against the Serbs. Luckily that is not the case.

Minister Vulin thanked the Serbs once again and congratulated them on their courage, adding that Albin Kurti would have to accept sooner or later that there would be no decision-making without the Serbs, and therefore without Belgrade and the Government of Serbia. “Without the united Serbs, no one in the Balkans can do anything. When the Serbs are united, then the Balkans must respect what Serbia thinks. And that is important. Serbia thinks of peace, of the good. Whenever Serbia was peaceful, stable and strong, the Balkans were calm, stable and strong. There were no wars, no conflicts. It is still like that today.”  

Pointing out that no one can deny Serbs the right to be united and think together because they think about the welfare of all the Serbs. Minister Vulin said that “no one will think well of us if we do not do it. No one is closer to us than we are to one another. Everyone who thinks that the foreigners will help him, preserve him or make his life better – they will not. Only the Serbs will and no one else. Therefore everyone will have to accept it; we will see how much time this will take and how long it will take for the dialogue to be rendered possible again, but it is just beyond Serbia at this point. That issue is no longer in our hands. If the international community cares, they should do everything to abolish the taxes, to, if nothing else, have Shiptars respect their own so-called Constitution and that when they form a majority they must keep in mind the provisions of their own Constitution, and not their hatred of the Serbs. And let them also take into account that this statement by Albin Kurti actually means – I want a country, but without Serbs, I want a territory, such that no Serbs live on it and I want Serbs who think like Shiptars, namely, listen to Siptars. Whether it is because they are blackmailed or they really think so, but they do listen to the Shiptars, not the Serbs. That is Albin Kurti’s statement. Fortunately, all he can do is talk and nothing else. There are no Serbs in the Parliament who think like Albin Kurti, Minister Vulin concluded.
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