Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Minister Vulin: “Red Star” banned as a symbol of being a Serb

Minister of Defense Aleksandar Vulin said today, responding to a question of the press, to comment on the ban on “Red Star” (“Crvena Zvezda”) Football Club playing a game in Zvečan, that “’Red Star’ is one of the symbols of being a Serb and is therefore not welcome wherever Serbian enemies are”.

- When the Shiptars were to enter various international sports organizations, they kept crying, pleading and saying in international forums that it had nothing to do with politics, that it was just about sports, that their children should be given a chance, their youth allowed to play sports, to compete with others and that there can be nothing wrong with that. That seems to be the case only when it comes to Shiptars. When the Serbs want to play football, to compete, when the Serbs want to do everything that any other football club or any other sports association does, then the Serbs are forbidden and they are forbidden by the police and violence is used, stressed Minister Vulin. 

He pointed out that “Red Star” is one of the symbols of being a Serb and that what the Shiptars did was yet “another proof of how much they fear the Serbs, how much they hate Serbia, and therefore how much they hate ‘Red Star’ as one of the symbols of being a Serb.”

- They will not stop us. It is unlikely that they will ever be able to have a team such as the “Red Star” or that they will be able to say for themselves that they have the sporting spirit that the Serbs and Serbia have. This is further evidence of that false legend of Besa, how the Shiptars will pledge, and that they would keep their word unconditionally. They gave their word that everything would be in sportive atmosphere, that their membership in the UEFA and FIFA was only for the sake of sports and the future of their children and youth. Another lie revealed, they showed once again that they were liars and that their Besa was worth nothing. “Red Star” is one of the symbols of Serbians, which is why it is not welcome wherever the enemies of Serbs are, Minister Vulin concluded.

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