Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Minister Vulin: Besa myth dispelled

- I expect to hear the views of the United States of America that are very important to us. It is also important for us that everyone understands that Serbia has done her best to establish the dialogue, to continue the dialogue in the best possible format, however it takes at least two for the dialogue to take place. Serbia’s good will is not enough, it is not enough and it is not reasonable for you to constantly review all agreements; to have all that has once been signed and agreed upon disputed the next day, as soon as the political party changes or the position of a certain political actor changes, said Minister of Defense Aleksandar Vulin, answering a journalist’s question about what he expects from the visit of US Presidential Special Envoy for the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, Richard Grenell to Pristina.

Minister Vulin emphasized that the discussions of the Brussels Agreement, if nothing else, dispelled a myth that many believed, which is that the Shiptars have Besa – a word of honor they do not deviate from once they give it.
- They gave Besa in Brussels that they would respect the Brussels Agreement and form the Union of Serbian Municipalities, and then Thaci came forward and said that it had all been a lie and that they would never implement the Union of Serbian Municipalities. We have heard the same Besa on more than one occasion by all the Shiptar officials, and each time it turned out that they were lying. If anything useful has come out of all this, then it is useful that one legend has become a thing of the past, that it was shattered – that the Shiptars have Besa, that they honor their word. They do not keep their word, they lie whenever and wherever they can. I hope that the international community will finally realize this and start behaving accordingly, Minister Vulin said.
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