Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Family members of fallen Yugoslav Army members visit exhibition ‘Defence 78’

Members of the families of the fallen Yugoslav Army members visited the exhibition of the Ministry of Defence and Serbian Armed Forces ‘Defence 78’ at the Belgrade City Museum. Their host was Colonel Duško Šljivančanin, Chief of the Department for the Tradition, Standard and Veterans of the Human Resources Sector.
It is about the six members of the Yugoslav Army killed on 30th September 1998 - first sergeant Milan Bundalo, contract corporal Miroslav Jocić, soldiers Ilija Pavlović, Miloš Pavlović, Vladimir Radojičić and Miladin Gobelić, as well as soldiers Djul Dorin, who was killed on the territory of Montenegro on 7th May 1998, and Sasa Stajić, the first victim of NATO aggression on 24th March 1999.
Colonel Šljivančanin pointed out that the occasion was the anniversary of perishing of the killed Yugoslav Army members, adding that he believed that part of our public did not know what had happened on 30th September 1998.
- We invited parents and members of these families to pay tribute to them in some way. We will also pay tribute to all the families of the perished members of the Yugoslav Army who were kild later in this or similar manner, and that is exactly what we wanted to do here in the ‘Defence 78’ exhibition, where they can see that their sons have not really been forgotten,  Colonel Šljivančanin said, as he handed over to each of the members of the families a book entitled “Heroes of the Fatherland” with special written dedication for each killed member.
The exhibition ‘Defence 78’ is interactive with original exhibits, sounds, light and installation in the service of the setting, very vividly recalls the memory of those who survived the NATO aggression.
The multimedia and interactive exhibition ‘Defence 78’ by Dušan Jovović, demonstrates in a unique way the heroic defence of the country during the 78 days of NATO aggression and is dedicated to the perished military and police personnel and civilians, including many children.
The exhibition is divided into eight units, and the presented exhibits, including parts of the downed US stealth F-117A and F-16 aircraft, personal items and photographs of soldiers and policemen who fought for freedom of their homeland are original.
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