Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia


 Daily politics endures any lie and meanness, but lying about your country is both mean and shameful. The Ministry of Defence reiterates that the state of Serbia does not export weapons to Yemen and that according to the list of Small Arms Trade Transparency Barometer published by the Geneva-based Small Arms Survey organisation it ranks fifth in the world in the transparency of arms sales.
Interestingly, Zdravko Ponoš does not ask other arms exporting countries to explain how their weapons happen to be at the hands of various terrorist organisations, only Serbia needs to apologize and give excuses for someone else's acts or omissions. Ponoš, to the shame of the function he once carried out, attacks only Serbia.
Statements in which Serbia is falsely accused of arms trafficking can be damaging to both our country and our defence industry and are generally made when they are encouraged in various ways by competition in arms sales.
Serbia's defence industry employs 13,000 people, with more than 20,000 workers employed by sub-contractors. They can all be jeopardised by lies and attacks on our country and its defence industry.