Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Persons Staying in the “Bristol” Refused Medical Support of Medical Team from the Ministry of Defence

Last night, on-duty medical team of the Ministry of Defence, taking care of the health of persons on hunger strike in the “Bristol” hotel, and which had visited them twice a day, came across the locked door of the “Bristol” hotel.
Today as well, the team of doctors, intending to provide medical attention, came to the “Bristol” where yet again they came to the locked front door, and the persons staying in the hotel stated that they did not want the medical support and they did not let the medical team in.
The Ministry of Defence cannot assume responsibility for state of health of the persons staying in the “Bristol” that are refusing the support of the medical team of the Ministry of Defence.
We hereby remind that since the start of hunger strike on 5th September until today, the medical team of the Ministry of Defence has carried out 10 visits and examined 11 individuals, establishing that the state of health of the individuals is stable.
The strike is not solution to the problem, nor is it a solution for the persons who have remained in the “Bristol”, following petty-political irresponsible individuals who are proposing illegal solution, to absolutely unfoundedly accuse the Ministry of Defence of jeopardising their health, while they are not allowing the medical team to provide medical attention to them.
It is precisely because the Ministry of Defence cares about the health of the persons who are still staying in the “Bristol”, that it has offered and it still offers the only possible legal solution which is for them to immediately move to the flats which they have already visited in the Block A, Vračar and Zvezdara in Belgrade, in keeping with their entitlement.
The flats offered by the Ministry of Defence, refused by the persons staying in the “Bristol”, can be seen on the following link. >>>