Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Ministry of Defense is open for discussion and legal solution to “Bristol” problem

By irresponsible behavior and abuse of the position of persons who have remained at “Bristol” solely for daily political purposes, Balša Božović continues to propose an illegal solution to this issue. This is not the way to solve the problem, nor is the continuation of the strike of residents and involving their children in the whole situation.

The Ministry of Defense has sought from the outset to solve the problem of persons in Bristol by consistently offering them to move into apartments they had already visited at Block A, Vračar and Zvezdara in Belgrade, in accordance with the rights they exercise.

No appeal for talks or seeking for joint solutions out of the current situation that the Ministry of Defense has once again made to all persons at “Bristol”, have yielded any results so far. They remain firm in their request to be granted permanent housing to which they are not legally entitled. These demands are backed by irresponsible politicians, which only makes the situation worse.

Once again, the Ministry of Defense calls on these persons to accept the fair and lawful offer and move into the apartments that are offered to them. In this manner, the procedure for allocation of apartments from the unified ranking list of employees of the Ministry of Defense and the Serbian Armed Forces interested in solving their housing issue, which includes 18.000 will be followed up and no person will be discriminated against in the exercise of equal rights in resolving housing issues for all active and retired members of the Ministry of Defense and the Serbian Armed Forces.

We urge irresponsible politicians not to abuse the fate and health of the persons who have remained at “Bristol”, as they do them damage, deceive the public by creating a distorted picture of the real issue, for which they offer only illegal solutions, unlike the Ministry of Defense, that wishes to settle the problem lawfully and do no harm to anyone.

The flats that the Ministry of Defense is offering, and which the persons at “Bristol” are refusing, can be seen at the following link: