Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Second International Competition of Military Motor Vehicle Drivers starts

The ceremonial opening of the Second International Competition of Military Motor Vehicle Drivers took place today at the “Ribnica” Barracks in Kraljevo, attended by the Head of the Department of Movement and Transportation of the General Staff, Colonel Željko Ranković, Deputy Commander of the Logistics Training Center, Lieutenant Colonel Milan Terzić, competition organizers, judges, competitors and guests.

Nine teams and eighteen competitors from Serbia, the Russian Federation, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Hungary are participating this year.
Colonel Željko Ranković welcomed the competitors on behalf of the Chief of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces, General Milan Mojsilović.

- We are honored to offer hospitality to teams of military drivers from Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary and Russia. During the three-day competition, drivers will be able to demonstrate the knowledge and skills required in each Armed Force for this responsible and significant duty. Without military drivers, there is neither
movement nor possibility to carry out any task. Let this competition show who is a more skilled and better driver, and let the friendship and cooperation between our Armed Forces win – said Colonel Ranković.

Over the next three days, drivers will strive for the best possible placement in solving the test in knowledge of road safety regulations, motor vehicle management on an obstacle course and an off-road obstacle course.

The aim of organizing the Second International Competition is to improve the cooperation of our military with the Armed Forces of foreign countries in the field of traffic safety, i.e. military transportation, as well as in the exchange of experiences in training and the presentation of the capacity of the Serbian Armed Forces to train drivers of non-combat vehicles.

The organizers of this year’s competition are the Logistics Department of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces and the Training Command.