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Minister Vulin: The Serbian Armed Forces will continue to remember and we will always commemorate the Jasenovac tragedy

- You cannot expect the followers of Pavelić's policy to be happy because the Serbian people are marking the day of their suffering. I would like to remind you that I was forbidden to enter Croatia when I tried to go to Jasenovac to pay homage to the slaughtered children of Jasenovac, and today they forbade the students of the Military High School and the Military Academy, the Serbian children, to come to that site and show their respect for all the victims of the Ustasha’s regime – defence minister Aleksandar Vulin said as he was asked to comment on this morning  ban on entry of the delegation of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces to the Republic of Croatia to attend the ceremony marking the Day of Jasenovac New Martyrs.
Pavelić's followers do not want the Serbs to remember, Minister Vulin added, and they will do absolutely everything to prevent Serbs from gathering even for the commemoration of the martyrs of Jasenovac.
- Croatian state should apologise for that, Croatian state should say it has nothing to do with this, and if it does, to explain how it is possible to prevent people from visiting the Jasenovac graves. Would any other country in Europe do this? What country in the world would forbid, let’s say, Jews from going to Auschwitz? What country in the world would do this unless it is a follower of the fascist Pavelić's ideology? Minister Vulin asked.
Minister Vulin stressed that as a man he was disgusted and as an anti-fascist he felt defeated.
- Seventy-four years after the end of World War II, you have a country in Europe that is still unable to abandon Ustasha’s practice and Ustasha’s ideology. What message is that? I don't know if the world will stay silent about this, probably they will, but the Serbs should not be silent. The Serbian Armed Forces will continue to remember, we will always commemorate the Jasenovac tragedy, and this is a shame for Croatia, not for us – minister Vulin said.
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