Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Donation to Pediatric Internal Diseases Clinic in Niš

Sergeant First Class Daniel Milenković from the Serbian Armed Forces Signal Brigade presented a modern pulse oximeter to the Intensive Care Unit of the Pediatric Internal Diseases Clinic in Niš.
Funding for the device that is to be used for invasive measurements of the most important vital functions in the youngest patients of this health institution, was collected by Sergeant First Class Milenković together with Bojan Stanimirović from the Amadeus Band.
Milenković opted for this humane gesture since he saw the professionalism and enthusiasm of the employees, while his son, Mijat, was being treated at a clinic in Niš, as well as the institution's need for a pulse oximeter.
According to him, during the joint struggle for the life of little Mijat, doctors and nurses of the Clinical Centre Niš raised his hopes that everything would be fine with the baby.
- Since I spent here almost all the time during the treatment, I want to wholeheartedly commend the entire staff of the Clinic that are fully committed and care for all children, so this gift is only a small token of gratitude. Because of Bojan's obligations, I am handing this device over on behalf of both of us today, hoping that doctors will have to use it as rarely as possible – Milenković said.
At the Pediatric Internal Diseases Clinic of the Clinical Centre Niš they did not hide their satisfaction because of the humane gesture of the member of the Serbian Armed Forces. On behalf of the institution, Head of Intensive Care of the Pediatric Internal Diseases Clinic Dr Dejan Milojević expressed gratitude to the Sergeant First Class Milenković for the device, whose value is RSD 200 600.