Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

'Climb for the Fallen Fighters' project successfully completed

Members of the 'Friends of the 72nd Special Brigade' Association returned today from the expedition to conquer Mt. Elbrus summit. The project, symbolically called 'Climb for the Fallen Fighters', is part of the activities within the framework of marking 20 years since the NATO aggression against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and lasted for 10 days.
According to the retired colonel and expedition leader Miodrag Kapor, the idea of the expedition was created with the goal of “not forgetting all the suffering and destruction during the year 1999”.
- Soldiers never die until they are forgotten. That is why this expedition was designed, because Serbia is eternal as long as its children are faithful, Kapor said.
Lieutenant Colonel Vladan Vukadinović from the Department for Tradition, Standard and Veterans welcomed the members of the expedition, greeted them and congratulated them on the successfully completed project.
  One of the members of the expedition, Captain Nikola Jović of the Special Brigade, said that the preparations were intense, that the weather conditions during the expedition were very difficult, but that the mission was accomplished with the motto - for the heroes to the sky and back.
The Mt. Elbrus summit was conquered by 10 members of the Association and the Special Brigade. After that, they laid their flags and unfolded a panel with the inscription “Above Us Only Sky” containing photographs of the killed members of the former 72nd Special Brigade.