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A replica of Victory Banner at the Military Museum today

Minister of Defense Aleksandar Vulin, accompanied by Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces, Major General Petar Cvetković, attended the ceremony of handing over a replica of the Victory Banner to the Military Museum.

A replica of the Victory Banner, which is one of the state symbols of the Russian Federation and represents the official symbol of the victory of the Soviet people and its armed forces over Nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War, was handed over to the Military Museum by Commander of the Western Military District of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Colonel General Alexander Zhuravlyov. On behalf of the Ministry of Defense, the copy of the Banner was received by the Head of the Human Resources Sector, Brigadier General Siniša Kresović.

Members of the honorary unit of 154 Preobrayhensky (Transfiguration) Regiment of the Western Military District of the Russian Federation and the Guards of the Serbian Armed Forces participated in the ritual handover ceremony.

Following the Banner handing over, General Zhuravlyov recalled that a great and bloody war ended 74 years ago, a war in which the Soviet Armed Forces, alongside the Slavonic people, destroyed Fascism and freed Europe. He pointed out that, in memory of the victory over fascism, 9 May is traditionally celebrated by the Parade, in front of which the Victory Banner, which is a symbol of the courage of our people, the heroism of the people who fought and their invincibility is carried.
General Zhuravlyov said that he is greatly honored to hand over the replica of the Banner to the Military Museum on behalf of his commander today, as a sign of reinforcing the existing friendship and he went on to wish peace and progress.

On behalf of the Ministry of Defense and the Serbian Armed Forces, General Kresović thanked the Russian Federation for the gift and said that the Ministry of Defense and the Serbian Armed Forces cherish and develop the military traditions of the Republic of Serbia, paying special attention to the fight against Fascism and the victory in the Second World War, to which the Republic of Serbia and the Russian Federation gave an invaluable contribution.

According to General Kresović, the Victory Banner will hold a special and honorary position at the Military Museum.

Today’s event was also attended by the ambassador of the Russian Federation to Serbia Alexander Chepurin, Russian Defense Envoy, Colonel Andrej Sobakin, members of the Collegiums of the Minister of Defense and Chief of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces, veterans of the National Liberation War and representatives of the Veteran Associations.

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