Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Visit to Banat Brigade Command of Development

Today, the Minister of Defense, Aleksandar Vulin, visited the Banat Brigade Command of Development at the “National Hero Svetozar Marković Toza” barracks in Zrenjanin.

Minister Vulin emphasized, after the visit, that the Serbian Armed Forces fulfill all their tasks in accordance with the law and needs of our country.

- One of the priorities in the development of the Serbian Armed Forces is the preparation and equipping of our reserve. Everything we do, we are doing to make our armed forces capable of dealing with anyone who would even consider threatening our territorial integrity and, in general, our way of life. The members of the Banat Brigade are doing a very good job. The equipment is in working order, people are trained and this is what can make us not only proud, but also confident that our future will be peaceful and that the time in which we live will be stable and secure – emphasized the Minister of Defense.

According to him, all members of the Serbian Armed Forces proudly perform their tasks and know that their country is proud of them.
The Commander of the Banat Brigade Command of Development, Colonel Nikola Dejanović, pointed out that today’s visit was an opportunity for the Minister of Defense to become acquainted with the implementation of tasks in this part of the territory of that unit.

- Our task is to provide all the conditions for successful and quick implementation and execution of mobilization, performing of training with members of the reserve force, as well as standing units and establishing of capabilities for the execution of tasks from all three missions of our armed force – emphasized Colonel Dejanović.

During his visit to the Banat Brigade Command of Development, Colonel Dejanović briefed the Minister of Defense on the deployment, missions and tasks, as well as the focal tasks of the unit, followed by a tour of the “National Hero Svetozar Marković Toza” barracks.

 In the continuation of the visit, Minister Vulin also visited the military complex “Silos”, where segments of training of members of the reserve units and presentation of the work of the Technical Overhauling Institution “Čačak” team on repairing of tanks were demonstrated.

Today’s delegation also included the Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces, Major General Petar Cvetković, Commander of the Training Command, Lieutenant General Đokica Petrović and Head of the Human Resources Management Department of the General Staff, Brigadier General Savo Iriškić.
The Banat Brigade Command of Development was established in 2011. It is intended to provide the basis for growth and development of operational capabilities of a war unit.
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