Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Beginning of the Exercise “Vigilant Wolf 19”

Official opening ceremony held today in the “South” Base, marked the beginning of international exercise “Vigilant Wolf 19” which is taking place from 13th to 24th May.
Some 200 officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers of the Serbian Armed Forces and the 18th Military Police Brigade of the European Command of the Armed Forces of the United States of America participate in the exercise.

At the opening ceremony, the exercise commander, Head of Military Police Division of the Army Command, Colonel Miroljub Petronijević, wished the participants successful execution of the exercise conducted in the “South” Base and training area “Borovac”.
-The multinational exercise “Vigilant Wolf 19” by its scope and content, just like the exercise “Platinum Wolf”, is one of the most complex exercise at which the units are trained for the participation in multinational operations – Colonel Petronijević underlined adding that this was the year in which the exercise “Vigilant Wolf” was executed for the first time.
According to him the specific feature of this exercise is reflected in the fact that it implies training of Military Police units from Partner countries, with the support of other units from the Serbian Armed Forces.
The goal of the exercise, the topic of which is “Multinational strengthened Military Police Company in a peacekeeping operation”, is to improve interoperability and mutual understanding between the members of the partner countries’ armed forces at tactical level and during execution of peace support operations in multinational environment.
The ceremonial opening of the exercise “Vigilant Wolf 19” was attended by Commander of Multinational Operations Training Centre Lieutenant Colonel Branislav Stevanović and Deputy Commander of the 41st Infantry Battalion Major Aleksandar Grujić.
After the ceremony of the exercise official opening, Military Police members of the Serbian Armed Forces organised a static display of arms and equipment.