Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Celebration of Slava of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces

Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin attended today’s celebration of Protector Saint Day of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces, Holy Martyr George – St. George’s Day, in the facility for religious services in the barracks “Banjica 2” in Belgrade.
The holy service was led by the First Priest-Stavrophor Stanko Trajković from the Archbishopric Belgrade-Karlovci, together with military chaplains, which was followed by traditional slava bread breaking.
Congratulating Slava, Deakon Dragan Ašković PhD, a Professor from the Faculty of Orthodox Theology in Belgrade reminded of the significance of the person and deed of Saint George in Orthodox Christianity, stressing that he as well was a soldier. In his address, he pointed out that freedom is the thing that connects the Church and the military, while soldiers are those who defend that freedom. “The foundation of the Christian faith is freedom” he added, underscoring that both the Church and the military should contribute that every one of us felt free.
Celebration of the General Staff Slava was attended by members of the Board of the Chief of General Staff as well as the Chief Chaplain Major Slađan Vlajić.
By decision of the minister of defence of 2017, starting from 2018 celebrating Slava was reinstituted in the Ministry of Defence and Serbian Armed Forces. Slavas were celebrated in the armed forces for the first time back in 1888, and units were celebrating them until the end of the Second World War.
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