Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Congratulatory Message of the Minister of Defence on the Serbian Armed Forces Day

 I congratulate 23rd April – Serbian Armed Forces Day to all their members.
This date, 23rd April is extremely important both for the Republic of Serbia and its armed forces, in terms of preservation of national identity and continuity of the statehood of the Serbian nation that has been lasting for more than two centuries. It is celebrated as the highest military holiday in memory of Takovo uprising.
By professional performance of their tasks, the Serbian Armed Forces achieved notable results in the last year in building, developing, professionally advancing and training of all their units and successfully maintained required level of operational capabilities.
The greatest wealth of the members of the Serbian Armed Forces is their knowledge, high level of competence and training for their work, dignity of their military profession, enviable combat experience and unwavering determination to protect and defend our fatherland at any cost and protect its citizens. Successful engagement of your resources will contribute to promotion and strengthening of the renown of the Serbian Armed Forces, and you have proved that you do not lack for these qualities.
Upcoming obligations face the members of the armed forces with new and complex demands. I am confident that you will professionally discharge the tasks assigned to you in the forthcoming period and raise capabilities of your units to an even higher level. Wishing that you succeed in that, I congratulate this holiday to you.