Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Promenade Paradeof Representation Orchestraand Guards’ Military Drill

On the occasion of marking the Day of the Serbian Armed Forces - 23 April, the Representative Orchestra of the Guards performed the promenade parade along the main street of the capital today, and members of the Guardsa military drill on Kalemegdan.

Today’s military drill on Kalemegdan was also attended by the Chief of General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Milan Mojsilović with associates.

Followed by the applause and the enthusiastic impressions of numerous audience along Knez Mihailova Street, the orchestra of the promenade parade of the Guards began with the composition “MaršnaDrinu” (“Marsh to the Drina”), and then the melodies of the marches of King Milan Obrenović, the Serbian Court Guards, the King’s Guards and other famous melodies of Serbian marches conducted by Major Aleksandar Đurov.

The citizens enthusiastically followed the Guardsthrough the parade, and the youngest fellow citizens were the ones most impressedby the sounds of the military music and Guards’blue uniforms.

To the sounds of the infantry march, the Representative Orchestra of the Guards joined the members of the Guardson Kalemegdan, where they performed the military drill much to the delight of the numerous passers-by on the Kalemegdan terrace. The blue line up, with the M-59/66 semi-automatic rifle in their hands, demonstrated the drill in the rhythm of the music. With the attractive choreography, the skilled rifle handling and the harmony of the Guards’ movements were rewarded by a thunder of applause of all who were present.

Grandmother Dušank awho watched the parade of the Guards Orchestra with her grandchildren, had only words of praise for the concert that the military musicians presented to their fellow citizens today.

Dejan from Skopje, who is visiting Belgrade at the moment, said that he was very pleased he found himself in Knez Mihailova Street just at the time of today’s performance of the Representative Orchestra of the Guards and had the opportunity to hear those compositions in his favorite street in Belgrade.

The military drill of the Guards at Kalemegdan was the crown of the weekend stroll for madams Sloba and Vinka, who openly showed how delighted they were of today’s display of thewell trained blue line up.

Among today’s audience at Kalemegdan was Zagorka Todorović, who came to cheerfor her brother, a member of the Guards, who participated in the military drill.

- They are excellent, and my brother is there too, and I can say that I am proud of the Guards and all of our Armed Forces - Zagorka said with a big smile.
The Serbian Armed Forces are celebratingtheir Day on 23 April in memory of the day when the Second Serbian Uprising started in 1815, an event that represents a milestone in the creation of the modern Serbian state and armed forces.
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