Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Minister Vulin: We will continue strengthening the Serbian Armed Forces

Today, at the training ground “Nikinci” a display and demonstration was performed with live firing from nationally developed arms and military equipment for delegations from partner countries interested in learning about technical and operational characteristics of our assets. The delegations came to Serbia upon invitation of Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin.
Following successfully executed firing, Minister Vulin underscored that until 2012 Serbian defence industry had been written off, and that the only man who had believed in it was then minister of defence Aleksandar Vučić.
- Now you see Serbian Defence Industry capable of demonstrating its latest achievements in front of highly important armed forces of the world. Serbian defence industry is one of strategic branches of the economy of our country and the Government of the Republic of Serbia will continue investing in it in particular so that it could offer to the world and a choosy market such complex combat systems. Until now, we used to mainly produce and sell ammunition, but now, we are able to produce and sell complex combat systems and appear in the world marked – Minister Vulin stressed.
The minister of defence assessed that equipping of the Serbian Armed Forces was the first and the most important task of our defence industry.
- It is precisely why the Serbian defence industry exists. Owing to such policy and such defence industry, the Serbian Armed Forces are equipped with state-of-the-art assets, but at prices that are significantly lower than the prices in the market. That is why we are able to modernise our military with far less money than any other country could. Hence, we will continue investing in Serbian defence industry, and the Serbian Armed Forces will continue strengthening its combat capacities – Minister Vulin sent a message.
Speaking about the importance of today’s presentation and demonstration, Acting Assistant of the Minister of Defence for Material Resources Nenad Miloradović PhD, pointed out that the Ministry of Defence had an intense communication with numerous partner countries in all continents.
- We regularly exchange information, primarily information of technical nature, in order to establish cooperation on some joint projects as well. Over the last several years, these meetings, at which we presented the characteristics of our armed systems, have accumulated so this demonstration was organised for several partner countries in order to present the most important weapons and systems which are currently being introduced in the Serbian Armed Forces and for which they have expressed interest – Assistant minister Miloradović emphasised.
According to him, today they presented firing by a simulated artillery battalion, represented by three batteries with two weapons each – 155mm “NORA” B52 howitzer gun, modernised rocket launcher “Oganj”, both digital and modular, and two “ALAS” type launchers. A fire management system was demonstrated as well, or a command-information artillery system which is also being introduced in the materiel of the Serbian Armed Forces.
The firing executed at the training ground “Nikinci” was observed by representatives of Belarus, Hungary, Slovenia and Greece, and during their visit, the delegations of the partner countries were familiarised with different infantry assets, kits of protective ballistic equipment with improved performances, a new family of modern light weapons – assault and sniper guns, sights for arms including a video sight that enables shooting from a shelter, optoelectronic system for theatre reconnaissance, armed robotised ground platform, armoured transporter 8x8 and armoured vehicle 4x4. The delegations will have an opportunity to see a family of guided antitank weapons, fibre-optically and radio guided rockets of the range from 5 to 25 kilometres, intended to be used from ground or helicopter platforms.
Foreign delegations will also see the presentations of unmanned armed aerial vehicle, unmanned air platforms and a family of non-guided and guided air armament, and short range artillery AD system for close support of the transport of armoured units and units of motorised infantry, for engagement against drones and ground targets.
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