Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Congratulatory Message of the Minister of Defence on the Occasion on the Military Academy Day

I congratulate 18th March – Military Academy Day to the cadets, attenders of Reserve Officers’ School and professional members of the Serbian Armed Forces who are being educated or who are attending professional advancement and who are serving at the Military Academy.
Continuing more than a century and a half long tradition of the Artillery School, by joining high education system of our country, by cooperating with military academies of other countries and exchanging cadets and officers, today, the Military Academy is a modern educational establishment where apart from the members of our armed forces, the members of foreign armed forces are educated and frequent professional advancement.

With your effort, work and selfless zeal in execution of your tasks, you continuously make contribution to the progress in all levels of education, proving that the Military Academy manages to achieve its most important task – shaping the future and advancing the active officers of the Serbian Armed Forces so they are professional servicemen, keepers of tradition and history of the armed forces and the entire state, adorned by responsibility, knowledge and soldier’s honour.
Wishing that in the period to come you obtain excellent results and achieve notable results in the field of military education, I congratulate this holiday to you.