Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Minister Vulin: Situation in the Serbian Armed Forces is changing for the better

Today, all our members received the first part of the increased salary, which is a 9 percent increase; last year, the salaries were also increased – by as much as 10 percent. The things are changing for the better in the Serbian Armed Forces, they are obviously changing for the better – Defence Minister Aleksandar Vulin said during today's visit of members of the 63rd Parachute Battalion of the Special Brigade training in the vicinity of Aleksinac.
As Minister Vulin emphasized, after this increase, a colonel of the Serbian Armed Forces will receive an average net salary of 999 Euros, and in 2011, the Minister of Defence reminded, these experienced and trusted people received 803 Euros.
- A second lieutenant, the youngest officer with the first rank and first duties will receive 480 Euros, while in 2011 he received 425 Euros for that. Our non-commissioned officers, the people who are the foundation of our army, will also receive a significant increase. Thus, a sergeant major will have a salary of 576 Euros, while in 2011 they had only 428 Euros. Time changes and it changes for the better – Minister Vulin said.
According to him, thanks to the austerity policy implemented by President Aleksandar Vučić at the time when he was prime minister, today we can increase the salaries of our soldiers and we can invest in the development of the army.
- All members of the Serbian Armed Forces can be sure that when they tied their life for the Serbian Armed Forces, they would live better, both they and their families, and that the struggle for their standard of living would continue. Is it enough? Of course it is not, but are we going to work on it – yes, we are, just as it can be seen that things are changing for the better – Minister Vulin concluded.
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