Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Minister Vulin: Enjoy Christmas; Maybe it will teach you something

The reaction of Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin, in relation to malicious attacks by certain media regarding the error of the Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Defence made in the Christmas Congratulatory Message sent to the Patriarch Irinej:
“I rarely comment hysterical and malicious attacks directed at me. I fight against political opponents, and I leave the media to write what they will. And yet, on this day, I have to make myself heard. Department for Public Relations of the Ministry of Defence made a silly mistake. Instead to Patriarch Irinej, they sent best wishes to departed Patriarch Pavle. An employee of the Department instantly spotted and corrected the mistake. Regardless of the fact that the mistake was quickly corrected and the fact that it is hard to believe that any minister reads every line that comes out from his ministry, certain media immediately announced that I, Aleksandar Vulin, had made the mistake regarding the name of the Patriarch. Attacking and disparaging me was more important than the fact that the mistake was corrected and from the truth about who it was that made the mistake at the first place.
It is Christmas today, and I am glad if this has made you feel grand and witty, and I am glad because you are faultless. Person responsible for the mistake came forward on her own. It is your lady colleague who is not peaceful today with her family, and who is afraid that she will be punished for the mistake which she has made, because of which you mock and insult me. I am a socialist, leftist, I do not believe in punishing employees for every mistake, and I will not punish or fire her, particularly not on the day when people love each other and when they forgive one another. Enjoy the holiday; Maybe it will teach you something. Christ is born and best regards.”