Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Yule Log Burnt in front of the Saint Sava Church

Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin and Deputy Chief of General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces Major General Petar Cvetković attended today burning of the Yule log in front of the Saint Sava Church in Vračar, led by Patriarch Irinej.

In his address to the gathered citizens, the Patriarch wished that the Lord gave them peace and harmony.

- May we through our prayers abandon our worries to the Lord, since he knows how He can help us. Let us leave it to His will and His love. May this day be blessed, and may the joy of the Christmas Eve and Christmas fill the hearts of all. May the Yule log enter our hearts and homes, wherever we are; scientific institutions, our armed forces that defend and protect us from enemies. Let us rejoice at the holiday which we are awaiting - the Patriarch said.

The Serbian Patriarch expressed his hope that God would protect Serbian people at the times filled with worries, like He had preserved it throughout it entire history.

- We are grateful to the Lord for having the state that leads us, and thinks about us, which does all for our well-being and to make things better for us so that we can be grateful to life. So let us pray for all, for those who lead us, for the Lord give them power, strength and force to lead us the way the Lord desires and may He make us happy in our lives - Patriarch Irinej sent the word.

The Patriarch wished that the Lord blessed all the peoples who meant well and added that Serbian people desired well to themselves and others with whom they shared the same region.

- May the Lord bless Serbian Kosovo and Metohija, Serbian holy land, Orthodox Jerusalem and the place that holds the holy objects of Serbian people, where its history and culture originated and where Serbian spirituality was raised, so that it can be left to Serbian people to whom it has always belonged. Hence, let us be faithful to our Lord, as our ancestors among whom there are many great and holy ones, and take them as an example and let us follow their path, the path of security – Patriarch Irinej said.
Patriarch Irinej greeted the congregation who celebrated Christmas Eve and Christmas with traditional greeting: “Peace of God – Christ is born”.
Patriarch Irinej will serve festive vigil in the crypt of the Saint Sava Church, and at midnight, the Holy Liturgy is going to be served.
Earlier today, the minister of defence sent Christmas greetings to all the members of the Ministry of Defence and Serbian Armed Forces, Patriarch Irinej, the priesthood, monkhood and everyone who celebrated the holiday of Christ’s birth by Julian calendar.
- May the joy of the birth of the infant-God Christ give you spiritual strength and good will in the future to bravely, successfully and as one execute tasks assigned to you.
Wishing that you celebrate the days of the holidays in peace, harmony and love with your closest ones, I greet you with the joyful greeting: Peace of God - Christ is born.
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