Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Meeting between State Secretary Živkovic and Ambassador of Argentina Zawels

State Secretary in the Ministry of Defence, Aleksandar Živković has met today with newly appointed Ambassador of Argentina to Serbia Estanislao Angel Zawels on the occasion of his taking office.
State Secretary Živković stressed that Serbia highly appreciates the foreign policy of Argentina based on respect for the principles of peaceful coexistence and respect for all factors in international relations, and expressed appreciation for the support that Argentina offers to legitimate demands of Serbia for the preservation of its territorial integrity and national sovereignty.
Ambassador Zawels said that Serbia has been “recognized as a geopolitical epicentre of the region and that it was decisive when establishing the Embassy of Argentina in Belgrade”.
The interlocutors agreed that there was a mutual interest in establishing military-to-military cooperation, and that military-economic and military-educational areas could be singled out as potential areas of cooperation, as well as cooperation relating to participation in multinational operations. Cooperation of defence industries, through the joint development of technologies and the procurement of arms and military equipment are also areas of interest for both sides.