Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Round Table “One Hundred Years of the First World War – Experiences and Lessons Learned “

A round table titled “One Hundred Years of the First World War – Experiences and Lessons Learned” was held today in the Central Military Club. It was a gathering organised by the Strategic Studies Institute of the Faculty of Diplomacy and Security and Institute for Strategic Research of the University of Defence of the Ministry of Defence, thus observing the great jubilee – the centennial of the end of the Great War.
At the beginning of the gathering, the present were welcomed by Director of the Institute for Strategic Research Prof Jovanka Šaranović PhD and Prof Andreja Savić from the Faculty of Diplomacy and Security, while in the continuation of the round table, the presentations were given in the fields of geopolitics, history, security and culture.
In the light of recent events, several authors looked back on the celebration of the Armistice 1918 held in Paris, where Serbia and its president had not been given their rightful place in the first row, having in mind the victims suffered by Serbia in the Great War.
Professor Nenad Đorđević, Dean of the Faculty of Diplomacy and Security also spoke at the gathering, and retired Colonel General Prof Branko Krga, Professor Darko Tanasković, a diplomat and professor at numerous universities in the country and abroad and Lieutenant Colonels Milјan Milkić PhD and Dalibor Denda PhD from the Institute for Strategic Research.
Among other, the topic of the round table was Belgrade in the First World War, which was presented by Professor Jelena Lopičić Jančić, while Professor Milo Lompar shed some light on the polemic between two famous writers – Crnjanski and Krleža.