Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

State Secretary Živković at the Ministerial Meeting of US-Adriatic Charter

Today, a ministerial meeting of US-Adriatic Charter (A5) was held in Budva with the participation of State Secretary Aleksandar Živković.

The predominant subjects of the meeting was politico-security situation in the region and security challenges that could affect regional security.

During his address, State Secretary Aleksandar Živković assessed that the establishment and maintenance of international peace and security was only possible with intensified zeal and joint efforts of national states and relevant international bodies. He particularly stressed the necessity to accept the so called “regional approach” to resolution of numerous problems, without which, as proven by everyday practice, there is no long-term and sustainable political and security stability or prosperity.

State Secretary Živković also repeated that the Republic of Serbia remains steadfastly dedicated to the enhanced cooperation with key international organizations in the field of defence and security, and to actively contributing in the framework of all regional cooperation fora in the area of the South East Europe. In this respect, he emphasised that we base our foreign and security policy on direct, close and long-term cooperation and strengthening confidence with all countries.

In this format, our side pointed out that a dominant source of instability and the generator of numerous security problems in the region is the unilaterally proclaimed independence of Kosovo and Metohija, as a precedent in international relations and international public law. The Republic of Serbia does not accept the unilaterally proclaimed independence of its southern province, but it is ready to seek a compromise. However, the lack of readiness on the part of Priština to implement the provisions of the Brussels Agreement, and ever more frequent implementation of the policy of fait accompli like unilateral decision to change the mandate and structure of the so called Kosovo Security Forces, pose a direct threat to the negotiations process, and to stability of the states in the region as well.

The US-Adriatic Charter is a regional security group, a interstate strategic partnership founded on the initiative of the USA aimed at strengthening regional security and stability. In the said regional initiative, the Republic of Serbia has the status of an observer.