Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Congratulatory Message from the Minister of Defence on the Day of the Military Technical Institute

I congratulate the collective of the Military Technical Institute on the 3rd November – the Day of the Institute.
By preserving the long-standing reputation of your institution, adopting new, modern technologies that you are successfully applying in the execution of the responsible tasks in the field of research and development of arms and military equipment, you prove that you are a significant resource of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces and one of the most reputable research institutions in the country.
In support of this, there are also acknowledgements for the quality of your work that you receive both in the country and abroad, creating preconditions for even better cooperation with business partners from the scope of your Institute's work.
I congratulate you on your holiday, wishing you all success in your work in the upcoming period and to keep the status of a respectable scientific institution of importance to the defence system in its entirety.