Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Minister Vulin: The policy of force led to the death of international law

- The majority of security threats which afflict Europe today are the consequence of a unipolar world in which the force is a justification in itself which led to the death of the international law. If we do not revive international law, our life will not be worth living – stated the Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin speaking at the first plenary session titled “International security, new ideas and approaches at the 8th International Xiangshan Forum in Beijing in which he participates upon the invitation of the Minister of National Defence of the PR China.
- The region of South East Europe, just like the major part of the world, is stricken today by Islamic fundamentalism, migrant crisis and return of unipolar mentality, and all our problems can be summarised in one phrase – the death of international law – said Minister Vulin.
He noted that after NATO bombarded Serbia without decision of the United Nations Security Council, international law died.
- And now there is pressure to admit the so called Kosovo to Interpol or UNESCO. How could Interpol be able to preserve its reputation if it shared all the data about narco dealers with Priština where the most powerful narco clans come from? All of you who were forced to recognise the so called Kosovo think again, because everything that was done to my country can be done to you as well. When force becomes the law, you will never know when it will be applied to you – said Serbian minister of defence.
He drew the attention to the fact that Serbia is presently faced with a particular challenge which is at the same time the greatest security threat in the Balkans and that is Greater Albania.
- In order to be created, it has to tear Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia and even Greece. Those who thought that the Islamic terrorism could be contented by the Serbian people are on the path of repeating the mistake. If mutually acceptable solution was not reached in the dialogue with Priština, so bravely and wisely led by President Vučić on behalf of Serbia, and if creation of Greater Albania was attempted by force, the Balkans would burn yet again. Yet, that fire will not burn only in the Balkans – Minister Vulin underlined.
The Serbian minister of defence concluded his address saying that we all had to confront the unipolar world if we wanted to remain free.
- If we do not revive international law, our life will not be worth living – said Minister Vulin.
Addresses of the panellists drew great interest of delegates who posed numerous questions. This year’s 8th International Xiangshang Security Forum gathered some 500 participants from 72 countries and international organisations.
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