Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Major General Petar Cvetković Took Up the Duty of Deputy Chief of General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces

Today, Major General Petar Cvetković took up the duty of Deputy Chief of General Staff of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces at a military celebration organised on that occasion in barracks “Banjica 2” in Belgrade.

The celebration was attended by Chief of General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces Lieutenant General Milan Mojsilović, heads of departments and divisions in the General Staff and Army Commander Lieutenant General Milosav Simović, AF and AD Commander Major General Duško Žarković and Commander of the Training Command Lieutenant General Đokica Petrović.
Underlying the importance of the duty of Deputy Chief of General Staff for the functioning of the Serbian Armed Forces, General Mojsilović said that the responsible and unwavering work of General Cvetković on his previous duties had been a decisive factor when the responsible decided to trust him with the duty that he has been receiving today.
- I am certain that General Cvetković, with full support of the closest associates, will continue his good work in the General Staff, and that he will also use his experiences and personal qualities and make a step forward. I wish him to be wise enough, to have strength and will to leave his personal mark, together with all of us, to our most important task and that is the defence of the fatherland - said General Mosjilović.
Major General Petar Cvetković said that he was proud for being entrusted with the task of Deputy Chief of General Staff, adding that he was aware that a lot of work and self-denial was expected from him in furtherance of the enhancement of operational and functional capabilities and General Staff and the Serbian Armed Forces as a whole. 
Major General Petar Cvetković completed Military High School, Military Academy, Command and Staff and General-Staff courses and Advanced Security and Defence Studies. He performed command, staff and teaching duties in the units of the Military Police and security bodies. He participated in war operations during the NATO Aggression against the FRY and in the operations in the territory of former SFRY. He came to serve as Deputy Chief of General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces after he had been posted as Director of Security Agency.