Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Minister Vulin: Vučić is a statesman, everything he does is in the interest of Serbia and the Serbs

Speaking in the morning programme of Pink TV on the fact that Pristina’s side made the dialogue in Brussels senseless, Defence Minister Aleksandar Vulin said that “the problem is that the resolution of the Kosovo and Metohija issue was eliminated from the agenda in the United Nations Security Council where we had friends, such as Russia and China, and brought us to the level of the European Union, where most of the countries have recognized Kosovo's independence and that is how they behave.”
- That is what the Serbs did. Without Serbia, it could not have been done, EULEX could not enter the territory of Kosovo and Metohija without Serbs. The then government did it and now we are dealing with these consequences. I have monitored Brussels agreements from the beginning, I know how the climate changed, how much it has now started to go in the direction of the interests of Serbia and the Serbs, and how much there was made for cementing Kosovo's independence. Aleksandar Vučić does it in an exceptional way. I do not know who would have such personal and political courage as he has, the minister of defence said adding that there is a difference between statesmen and politicians.
- Vučić showed that he is a statesman, that he has the courage to go out in front of his own nation, to say what we do not like to hear and what may be difficult, to tell foreigners what they never like to hear. I witnessed that and I heard that countless times when he was talking to them, with mighty foreigners, in a way that is really not easy to think that a Serbian politician would have the courage to speak at all, and, on the other hand, you have politicians like Tachi, living from hand to mouth, relying on support of the great western allies and hoping to spend another day without indictment for them, Vulin said, commenting on Hashim Thaci's statement that “no one can force Serbia to recognize Kosovo”.