Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Veteran Paratroopers’ Jump

The event “Veteran Paratroopers’ Jump”, organized by “Arhistratig” Parachute Club and supported by the Ministry of Defence, has been completed today. The veterans' jumps were held at the “Lisičji Jarak” sports airport and the Niš-based “Pilot Sergeant Mihailo Petrović” military airport, in the period from 8th to 14th September.
More than 30 veteran paratroopers first performed parachute training, the first parachute jump and tandem parachute jumps, at the “Lisičji Jarak” sports airport, and then they performed hundreds of parachute jumps at the Niš military airport using wing-type parachute, jumping from altitudes of 1,000, 1,500 and 3,000 meters.
Colonel retired Nenad Kuzmanović is extremely satisfied with the realized activities with the main goal of returning veteran paratroopers who have not jumped ever since they completed their military service, to paratroopers’ sport.
- The project promotes veterans, the values of the spirit of patriotism, military and warrior's honour, cherishes and develops traditions. We are grateful to defence minister Aleksandar Vulin and the leadership the Ministry of Defence for having recognized the good side of this project and enabled paratroopers to jump out from the plane again, decades after they completed their military service, Kuzmanović said.