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Continuation of the Project “Historical-Comparative Analysis of the Operations at Thessalonian Front 1916 - 1918

Execution of a scientific and research project “Historical-Comparative Analysis of the Operations at Thessalonian Front 1916-1918” has been continued today in the National Defence School. This year, the project involved the attenders of the 61st class of the General Staff Course and the 64th Class of Command Staff Course, and apart from them the project includes the departments for social studies, logistics and management of the Military Academy, representatives of the Strategic Research Institute and scientific experts from the Faculty of Philosophy and Institute of Contemporary History.

Acting Head of National Defence School, Colonel Mišo Planojević welcomed the scientific experts and reminded that the study of war skills and today’s defence science dated from the mid 19th century, so the project represented the continuation of studying defence sciences from the aspect of operations.

- This is the year in which the project is going to be completed. In the continuation of your work, I wish that you give your intellectual maximum in order to model the experience through this project in which we participate together - said Colonel Planojević.

The opening remarks were then followed by two interactive panels. One related to the analysis of strategic situation in Europe, while the other referred to the analysis of the strategic situation in the Balkans, both in the context of the establishment and breech of the Thessalonian Front.

The scientific research project “Historical-Comparative Analysis of the Operations at Thessalonian Front 1916-1918”, which was initiated last year to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Great War, consists of four segments - study trip of the research team members, attenders of General Staff and Command Staff Course to the area of operations at Thessalonian Front, preparation of seminar and final thesis at the Military Academy and National Defence School, holding the upcoming international scientific gathering and production of Collection of Works on the operations at Thessalonian Front from 1916 to 1918 and the implementation of exercise models in the work with the attenders of professional advancement in the National Defence School.

This year’s study trip to Greece is going to take place from 11th to 16th September.
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