Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Minister Vulin: Attitude towards Vučić is an attitude towards Serbia

The visit of the President to Kosovo and Metohija is a great diplomatic victory.
Commenting on the visit of the President of the Republic of Serbia and Supreme Commander of the Serbian Armed Forces Aleksandar Vučić to Kosovo and Metohija, at the Jutarnji dnevnik broadcast at Radio Television of Serbia, Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin said: President Vučić is a brave man who always neglects what is called security and personal threats and it is so this time as well.
- The situation is very complex, we are monitoring what is happening on the ground as much as possible, considering the fact that we do not officially control the territory of Kosovo and Metohija, but we will definitely do absolutely everything to prevent any threat to safety of the President of the Republic of Serbia. The entire international community, as well as Pristina, must understand a very simple thing – that the attitude towards President Vučić and his safety is an attitude towards the Republic of Serbia itself, and that they are to choose themselves – Minister Vulin said.
Speaking about possible risks during the visit, the minister of defence pointed out that they always exist.
- There are always extremists who could endanger the President's visit and his security for any reason. There are always those whose interest is not to reach a final solution. For those who would defend the integral and independent Kosovo, Aleksandar Vučić is the biggest threat and biggest enemy, but the Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija are genuinely happy that their president is coming to visit them.
Interpreting the news that arrived last night that, after the intervention of Washington and the European Union, Pristina authorities changed the decision to ban President Vučić on visiting Gazivode, Minister Aleksandar Vulin said that the visit was a great international victory of President Vučić.
- President Vučić has shown that, unlike many years before he assumed the responsibility for governing Serbia, our country has become an equal factor in international political arena. This was unthinkable that the great powers put themselves on the side of Serbia saying – you must facilitate the Serbian president to do just what he wanted, according to the plan he wanted, and this is already a great diplomatic victory for us, and it is clear that things have changed in the international community, and they have not changed by chance, but thanks to Aleksandar Vučić’s persistent and patient work since 2012, the minister of defence said in Dnevnik broadcast at Radio Television of Serbia.