Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Meeting of the Minister of Defence and US Deputy Assistant State Secretary

Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin met today Deputy Assistant State Secretary of the United States of America in the Bureau for Conflicts and Stabilisation Operations Pete Marocco, who is staying in official visit to the Republic of Serbia.
Today’s meeting was an opportunity to exchange opinions about the military-to-military cooperation, politico-security situation in the region and fight against terrorism.
When Marocco expressed his interest in the role of media and social networks in the Republic of Serbia in the fight against spreading violent extremism, Minister Vulin said that Serbia and the Ministry of Defence were open for a dialogue and considering projects of mutual interest in that domain, having in mind that the regional cooperation and exchange of information were of paramount importance for the strengthening of security of all the citizens.
As Minister Vulin evaluated, the Serbian Armed Forces were developing their capacities for countering contemporary threats by executing exercises such as joint exercise of the Serbian Armed Forces and the National Guard of Ohio “Cyber Tesla”, where the work of the teams included the engagement of representatives of private and public sector from the Republic of Serbia dealing with the activities in the field of IT safety.
Minister Vulin underlined the exceptional role of Serbia during the most intensive period of the migrant crisis, when better security and fight against terrorism and religious extremism was contributed to by joint efforts of all security institutions of our country.
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